Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes®© Easy Baking

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™: Easy Baking is a complete baker's guide to anyone who is interested in old-world recipes such as Dobos Torte and traditional baking like "Walnut Roll" for which the author is the official Life Magazine spokesperson

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™: Baking Book™ is a complete baking book by Canadian cookbook author and Life Magazine Spokesperson, Helen M Radics featured on CTV News, Life Network and by Life Magazine. The e-book's dozens of coloured photos will bring to life the tempting creations of turn of the century Budapest Cafe Houses, and the mouth-watering desserts of the every-day Hungarian household. From the regal Dobos Torte to the delicious biscuits of your grandmother's house is all included in this lovely collection of family recipes. The author, Helen M Radics, creator of the Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ cookbook series and Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes will reveal secret recipes from the Szabo, Tolnay, Swartz and Radics families. Don't miss out owning a piece of Hungarian culinary heritage.

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