Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™: Goulash Book

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® Goulash Book is a complete collection of Goualsh and goulash related recipes from Canadian cookbook author and Life Magazine Spokesperson Helen M Radics featured on CTV News, Life Network and by Life Magazine.

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™: Goulash Book is exclusively an e-book. It's printed format will come out later this year.

The author, Helen M Radics creator or the highly sucessful Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ cookbook series, who is also the official Life Magazine spokesperson for "Walnut Roll". The book features dozens of coloured photos that bring to life the secret of Hungarian Goulash and all goulash based recipes. The goulash family includes several surprising dishes such as Hungarian Potato Paprikash and dish that is considered to be a national treasure, The world-famous Hungarian Chicken Paprikash. Goualsh Book is a complete look at Hungarian Goulash and its cousins...

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