Comfort Foods - Fall/ Winter Cookbook

Why buy my newest e-cookbook? Because it is full of comfort foods and also decorative dishes that would make your celebrations a memorable, tasty event. Some of them are fit for a King or for the Queen of your heart.

Welcome to my latest e-cookbook, which I dedicate to one of my favorite seasons, Fall. O.K. I must be honest, I have sneaked in some recipes that you will simply love during blistery winter days as well. As you know I live in Canada but my heritage is Hungarian, so you will find dozens of time tested recipes from the tables of my Grandmother and Great-Grandmother.

As always, I aimed to create a cookbook that will include all parts of cooking. Soups and main dishes are a must in my family that all well rounded meals would include.

You will find mouth-watering diet soups, rustic soups, elegant gourmet soups, holiday dishes and peasant recipes that will be guaranteed family favorites warming up your heart and soul.



• Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Soup

• Thanksgiving Roasted Pumpkin Soup

• Hungarian Goulash Soup

• Country Harvest Soup

• Harvest Bean Soup

• Harvest Style Hunter Soup

• Cheesy Zucchini Soup

• Cream of Broccoli Soup

• Peasant Bean Soup with Smoked Sausage

• Hungarian Bean Goulash Soup

• Sour Cherry Soup

• Rustic Harvest Potato Soup

• Fall Lentil Soup

• Wine Lover's Grape Soup

• Wine Lover's Grape Soup 2.

• Caraway Seed Soup

• Harvest Carrot Soup

• Sweet Fennel Soup

• Cream of Celery Soup

• Hunter Soup

• Hungarian Onion Soup

• French Onion Soup

• Rustic Beef Soup

Hardy - Mouth-watering Diet Soups

• Sample Meal Plan

• Breakfast

• Snack

• Lunch

• Dinner

• Rustic Cabbage Soup

• Hungarian Cabbage Soup

• Helen's Zucchini Soup

• Hangover Soup

• Rustic Tomato Soup

• French Harvest Soup

Main Dishes

• Peasant Pork in Red Wine

• Harvest Cabbage

• Bacon Baked Rabbit

• Crispy Pork Roast

• Peppered Beef Roast

• Spicy Country Roast

• Gypsy Steak Salad

• Pork On Fire

• Happy Pork Roast

• Braided Tenderloin

• Rosemary-Braised Lamb

• Spicy Salmon

• Chicken Breast in Brandy Sauce

• Layered Meatloaf

• Pork Rolls

• Veal in Beer Sauce

• Country Chicken with Green Peas

• Muscovy Duck Roast

• Drunken Duck

• Chicken With Mushroom

• Cold Stuffed Pork Hock

• Pork Pudding

• Christmas Salad


• Spicy Tomato Sauce

• Truffle Sauce

• Mushroom Sauce

• Sour Cherry Sauce

• Basil Pesto

• Cilantro Pesto

• Hollandaise Sauce

• Dill Sauce

• Gooseberry Sauce

• Hungarian Onion Sauce

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