Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes: Soups & Desserts

The Secret of Hungarian Cooking™©

Helen M Radics brings you this wonderful collection of mouth-watering Soups and delectable desserts. Find everything from hardy Goulash Soups to elegant wine soups and from the regal Dobos Torte to peasant breads of Hungary.

Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes™© Soups and Desserts are a wonderful collection of mouth-watering, yet elegant soups and delectable desserts by Canadian cookbook author Helen M Radics. The author Helen's Hungarian heritage recipes are only found in her 7 English language Hungarian cookbooks and her 9 e-books.

Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes™© Soups and Desserts will show you how to prepare such royalties of the Hungarian culinary world as

Goulash Soup
Bean Goulash Soup
Potato Soup
Chicken Soup
Blackberry Port Soup
Eszterhazy Cake
Walnut Roll
Poppy Seed Roll
Hungarian Fish Soup

...and so many more delicious recipes that have the potential of becoming your family's favourites as well. Don't miss out owning all of the author's e-books to have a complete guide of Hungarian recipes.

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